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On behalf of the board of directors, management and staff of Whitelily International schools. I wish to thank God immensely for his grace and mercy that  has brought us to the end of another academic year 2015/2016 We recorded awesome achievement and succes as a school in this concluded  academic year.

We give God the glory for his unfailing love on us. 0ur vision as schools remain un-waivered and strictly focmed on changing our pupil's lives positively in  their academics and to make them good citizens, this is handsomely manifating in their lives for which we are thankful to God. Our pupils were able to  represent the school on the OGTV spell it out show and emerged one of the best in the competition in which they were accorded an outstanding  certificate.
This is a g reat achievement for pupils in WhiteLily School which we are proud and grateful to God. Part of the great achievement for this seasion is  another competition held at early beginners school which our pupils won the 2'“ price and best speaker out of the seven schools that attended.

To add to  the academic fun for this year, our pupils in basic embarked on an excursion trip on the 13"" of Feb 2016 to the ancient historical tourist center called  Olumo Rock in Abeokuta in 0gun State while on the 3" of March 2016 the nursery section went to Indomie factory at Otta. These were exiting and enjoyable times for our pupils which was part of enhancing their knowledge and generating greater awareness about their local  and National environments.To further the achievement, our pupils went out for a sport competition and won a bronze medal in some sporting activities.

Beyond academic surprise, the school was highly impressed on the basic 5/6 common performance in this 2015/2016
examination that every one of them  came out in flying colors, we recorded 100% pass rate. Quite importantly for our
graduating pupils, we have left deposit of greatness and excellence in  you, this impact we believe will sustain you even in your higher clam as you further your academic pursuils in your varlous secondary schools. You have  been equipped with treasure that will enable you  make a lasting impact on the planet

The legacy you live is always the legacy you leave. If you don't live it, you can't leave it. So live the legacy you desire to leave on earth. Believe that your  dreams are worth pursuing and strive to be the very best that you are destined to be.

The huddles of life will always be there, but there is strength avallable  to jump every huddle, God is your strength and add to that, focus, dedlcation and commitment. You will eventually become what you behold, see yourself  every day becomlng very great in life, dedicate time to work at it, commit yourself totally to your great dream and you will find yourself at the very top.

Howeve rthe greater the challenge to achieving your great dream ls who you are. Keep focus on your education don't get discouraged or distracted, the  race is not over until you occupy your place at the very top and you shall greatly blessed. Furthermore, we tried to upgrade some necessary teaching  method  and trained our staff for a greater academic achievement which resulted in our unspeakable rewards in this academic year.

We appreciate our able parents for their support and advlce for the growth of this great institution. Our wonderful teachers, we love you all, you are doing a great job may God  contlnue to bless all of you. To the well - wishers present today. I thank you all

Whitelilly is more than just a school, it is a place to fufill destiny of greatness.

May God bless everyone.


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