Whitelily school was founded in November 2012, the academic and official opening was done on the 17th of January 2013. What led to the formation of the school was - Divine Direction and Mandate. The building was originally built for commercial purpose, i.e, residential letting. After the building was completed in October 2012, we immediately secured tenants for the building, we were in the process of carrying out reference checks on each of the tenants when I had divine visitation, I received an urge to use the building for a school, the Lord gave me the name of the school and also explained to me what the name stand for, the purpose for setting up the school was also given to me which is to raise unequal world class leaders and the new generation change agents.

After this mandate, I began to critically study the British Education system which I enjoyed for several years as an undergraduate to post graduate level, and which my children have enjoyed for over 20 years from pre-school to post graduate/MSC level in various universities. I also seriously understudy Nigeria Education System, which again I enjoyed for about 21 years before travelling to the United Kingdom, I saw great values in both Nigerian and British Education system, as a result, I decided to combine both education system thereby providing a fusion of the Nigeria and British Education system which is robust and enviable, the result is admirable in the lives of our pupils, they are responding so rapidly and positively. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve in my private capacity and to give back to the nation that brought me up.

There were lots of challenges at the start of the school ranging from getting high standard and quality carpentry work for our furniture’s and pupils desks and chairs. We had to scrap the first set that was produced due to low quality and contracted another supplier, we also had challenges in recruiting quality and satisfactory teaching staff, I had a minimum standard and expectation which took some time to meet. We had challenges with knowing and dealing with some officers with regards our application for accreditation and Government approval which was eventually sorted after few attempts and perseverance. We finally pulled all the pillars together and formed our academic and administrative structure, we have continued to build and improve on the structures which includes regularly refreshing the outlook of the school and keeping the school environment very clean, attractive and conducive for schooling.

I will like to specially thank Mr Oladimeji, our director of Education for a job well done, he was a great guide to us during the early days of our opening. I thank God for giving me and my wife this special privilege and for helping us coordinate the work effectively and efficiently even from a distance of 6000 kilometres away. I will also like to specially thank our first HM Miss Adeola Oyetunde for her tenacity and courage, she started with us from day one, she was of great help in putting our administrative and academic structure in place for us. I thank Mrs Agnes Nwogwu for her positive contributions during the development stages of the administration of the school. I wish to thank Mr Yenusa, our senior Zonal Education officer at the ministry of Education, he was of great assistance during our registration for government approval. This journey has been very challenging and a roller coaster experience, however, it is worth all the investment, dedication and time just by witnessing the rapid development and growth that I see in the lives of our pupils. I finally agree without any doubt, that the greatest asset which we can leave behind for our children, is quality and sound education.

Whitelily Truly Cares!


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